Welcome September: Movie night for internationals

Join us for a movie night at the library in collaboration with Tilflytterne i Struer / Newcomers in Struer. Free - but ticket required
19:00 - 21:00
Struer Bibliotek

Smedegade 1-7
7600 Struer

Meet other internationals, eat popcorn and enjoy a classic Danish film (with English subtitles).

We are not allowed to tell you the name of the movie, but can reveal that it’s a very well-loved Danish crime/comedy drama from the early 2000’s. The movie is rated 15+, so it is unfortunately not suitable for young children.

The movie night is open to all internationals in Struer Municipality, new or old. It’s free, but booking a ticket is necessary, so we know how many chairs to put up. 

We will provide popcorn, some snacks and a soda or water, but feel free to also bring your own. Alcohol is not allowed.