An introduction to some of the things your library can offer you.

We hope that you will enjoy using your local library and please know that we look forward to helping you when you visit!  There is no charge to borrow from the library’s extensive collections of books, movies, computer games, etc.

The only requirement to borrow from our collections is that you are a registered member of Struer Library. It is free to register either via our online registration or at the Library; you just need to bring in your "sundhedskort" ("yellow card") and some photo identification.

Did you know that we also have books (both fiction and non-fiction) in languages other than Danish? Maybe our collection includes books in YOUR language as well! You are always welcome to ask a librarian for borrowing materials that you are not able to find on the library shelves and the best part is that this service is free of charge. Another service that the library offers to its users is access to a variety of newspapers from around the world! Through PressReader, you can read the full text of your favourite papers free of charge!